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Women in Computer Science at St Andrews was created at the end of the 2017-18 academic year. It was created to promote and encourage fellow women in technology. STEM subjects, in general, are studied predominantly by men. We want to overcome the many reasons why there are less women in Computer Science and STEM subjects, and we want to advance this idea to anyone interested – regardless of identification or the level of computer science background one has. Our goal is to create a strong, female support system within Computer Science at St Andrews through events such as mentorship programs, coding workshops, and many other female-led activities.

We hope that our society will raise awareness of gender bias and begin dialogue about how each of us can help tackle this discrimination that exists in technology. Both women and men need to work together to solve this issue. Therefore, we invite and urge men to join our society as well and learn about what they can do to assist their fellow women in computer science.

Our members are able to learn from, network with, and be the first to hear about internship and job opportunities through the amazing companies that work with and sponsor WICS. By working with these companies, we hope to offer as many resources as we can to assist our members in achieving their goals in technology.

Join WICS, now the largest STEM society at the University of St Andrews, and help us change the mindset of women in technology. Together, we can empower more women in computer science!

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